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5 Best URL Shortener Services to Shrink Your Links

Twitter and similar platforms have introduced the concept of URL shorteners, and currently, there’s a constant influx of new URL shortening services. I’ve personally employed several of them, and a significant number have proven to be highly effective.

A URL shortener is a tool that shortens the length of your web links, making them easier to remember and track, while your original URL remains unchanged. With numerous tools available for shortening long links, the choice of the right software depends on your priorities.

Consider the following factors:

  • Simplicity: How much importance do you place on the simplicity of the tool?
  • Data Tracking: How crucial is it for your ideal URL shortener to provide comprehensive data?
  • Cost: Are you willing to pay for the right tool, or do you prefer something free for perpetual use?
  • Customization: Do you value the ability to personalize shortened links to match your brand or topic?

I’ve identified five URL shortening services that cater to different priorities, and I’ll elaborate on what makes each of them great. Let’s dive in! 👇

A quick overview of the top 5 Best URL shorteners catering to various use cases.

01. Linktree

Linktree is a widely used platform that enables users to consolidate multiple links into a single link. For instance, your URL could appear as One of the standout features of is its functional mobile application, which allows you to conveniently add, remove, or personalize links while on the go. provides both free and paid subscription options, allowing you to choose a plan that aligns with your specific business and marketing objectives.

02. Buffer

Ideal for streamlining links for social media use.

Buffer is a comprehensive social media management tool designed to facilitate post creation, scheduling, and analysis across various platforms. Notably, even in its free version, Buffer incorporates an in-built link shortener named This feature automatically condenses lengthy URLs, rendering them concise, user-friendly, and well-suited for social media sharing.

If you utilize a custom link shortener through, Buffer provides the capability to integrate it seamlessly.

For tracking link clicks, follow these steps to connect your personal account to your Buffer account:

  1. Navigate to the desired channel on the left-hand side of your Buffer dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Settings” option at the top.
  3. Within the “General” tab, locate the “Link Shortening” section.
  4. Click on “Connect” and grant authorization for Buffer to establish a connection with your account.

03. Bitly

Ideal for large enterprises in need of comprehensive link analytics.

Bitly has earned recognition as a leading link-shortening service, primarily catering to enterprise-level businesses with substantial budgets engaged in extensive online and offline link sharing.

Similar to Buffer, Bitly enables users to create custom campaigns and employ UTM parameters for tracking traffic across various marketing channels. However, the challenge lies in the fact that most of Bitly’s premium features are exclusive to its paid plans. The free plan, for instance, imposes limitations, allowing users to shorten only 10 links and create two QR code generators with restricted customization options for QR code appearance. Notably, custom domains and detailed analytics are entirely absent from the free plan.

In terms of pricing, Bitly offers an affordable Core plan at $8 per month, allowing for the shortening of 100 links and the creation of five QR codes. It’s important to note that this plan requires an annual commitment with no month-to-month payment option and lacks the custom domain feature. Beyond the Core plan, paid options start at $35 per month (or $29 per month with annual billing).

For those seeking a slightly more cost-effective alternative with comparable features, Rebrandly emerges as a viable choice. With the capability to create 25 branded links per month and offering free link analytics tracking, Rebrandly provides a budget-friendly option for users with similar needs.


Perfect for integrating a call-to-action within every shortened link.

Sniply stands out as a unique URL shortener that goes beyond conventional link shortening by allowing users to incorporate a custom call-to-action (CTA) with each shortened link. This CTA can take the form of a button, form, image, or text, providing a customizable element that can be tailored to match your brand’s color scheme and design. Notably, Sniply even supports A/B testing, allowing users to compare the effectiveness of two different CTAs.

The inclusion of a CTA serves as an additional feature aimed at enticing a larger audience to engage with the link being promoted. This makes Sniply particularly valuable for marketers, solopreneurs, and small business owners seeking a branded feel without the time investment required to create a customized CTA on their website’s backend.

05. TinyURL

Optimal for infrequent URL shortening

TinyURL is an excellent choice for a URL shortener, especially if you have occasional needs for link shortening and prefer a free service. With TinyURL, you can swiftly create shortened links without the requirement to sign up, making the process seamless and time-efficient.

If you are looking for a URL shortener to tidy up your links, is a great choice. It allows you to personalize the end of your URL and ensures that these links will always be active. Additionally, if you prefer, you have the option to create an account and monitor the performance of your links. You can even incorporate a custom domain for a more personalized touch.

Why are lengthy links an issue? Explore the advantages of using a concise URL with these 5 benefits.

It begins innocently enough: you acquire your domain name, publish some blogs or product pages, and commence sharing your online home on the web. As you seek to comprehend the sources of your website visitors, you employ UTM parameters, setting off a chain reaction.

Each link begets another, and another, and another—until your URL starts resembling an entirely different language. That’s where short URLs step in to save the day.

01. A concise URL is tidier.

The most evident (pun intended) benefit: A brief URL holds a superior aesthetic appeal compared to a lengthy one, making it more user-friendly.

A shorter URL eliminates the distraction of intricate UTM tags and numbers. This simplicity is particularly crucial on social media platforms, ensuring that your message doesn’t get overshadowed by the complexity of a lengthy URL.

02. A concise URL gives the impression of being more secure.

Extended links can often come across as spammy, triggering concerns about potential scammers or an influx of unwanted ads awaiting on the other side.

Although there’s no assurance that a shorter URL is inherently safer to open, it lacks the visual red flags associated with the appearance of a lengthy link, providing a sense of increased security.

03. A concise URL is easier to remember.

Link shorteners provide the flexibility to personalize the concluding part of your links, regardless of whether you are utilizing a custom URL shortener or not.

Crafting a customized snippet for your URL, whether utilizing a custom domain or not, offers an opportunity to convey the essence of your link and enhance its memorability. Short links allow your target audience to effortlessly search for and recall them, unlike lengthy URLs riddled with hyphens, numbers, and UTM codes. Consider the simplicity of link sharing when the URL is both short and memorable.

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04. A concise URL doesn’t consume valuable content space.

This advantage applies exclusively to social networks and SMS, but it holds significant importance. Social media platforms such as Twitter impose restrictions on the number of characters allowed in a post. Even on platforms like LinkedIn, lengthy links are not appealing.

Short links have fewer characters and do not divert attention from your content.

05. A concise URL offers valuable insights.

Many URL shortener tools offer comprehensive analytics, providing insights into click frequency, traffic sources, geographical information, and more.

These analytics play a vital role in identifying your most effective marketing channels, understanding click-through rates, and obtaining valuable data-driven insights for success. Additionally, the majority of URL shorteners feature user-friendly and intuitive link management capabilities.

While a link shortener offers numerous advantages, it should not become a time-consuming element in your content creation process. Ideally, it should be automated, seamlessly integrated, and not add another task to your to-do list.

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