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Squarespace Website Design is the Best Choice to Stand Out.

Trying to find a perfect web builder with all features available at a single platform? “Squarespace Website Design” is the answer.

Squarespace is a leading company in the field of web development. You can create splendid websites by using their platform. It is user-friendly having pre-built website templates and editable elements to create influential webpages. It works perfectly well for startups, online bSquarespace is a leading company in the field of web development. You can create splendid websites by using their platform. Squarespace website design is user-friendly having pre-built website templates and editable elements to create influential webpages.

Hence, it works perfectly well for startups, online brands, blogs, stores, large enterprises and what not.

Squarespace is super easy to use and it offers countless eye-catching templates. Its built-in SEO tools allow your website to appear in the top ranking. For the enhancement of sales, Squarespace has especially designed ecommerce analytics and traffic overview features.

Here is the well-researched list of services offered by Squarespace;


The 1st reason why Squarespace website design stands out is that it provides thousands of minimalistic templates. The only problem you will face on Squarespace is to make a choice between so many good-looking layouts. It offers simple and descent as well as colorful and lively templates. 

All of the templates are customizable according to user’s choice. Squarespace website design has a lot of editing tools that help to change the look of the entire design. Their style-kit allows you to modify text, graphics, logos, spaces etc. Every single template optimization is such that it looks perfect on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Looks like a heaven for artists, photographers, graphic designers and all those who love nice designs. This is why over 2 million people around the world are using Squarespace.


One of the highlighting features of the Squarespace website design is that it is very easy to use. Creation of amazing websites with just a few clicks is like a piece of cake now. It requires no technical knowledge, coding hassle or mindboggling effort. Every person and a business can create websites on this platform effortlessly. Additionally, you can also access free high quality images through Unsplash. 

Turn any idea into reality by managing text, photos, videos, audio, products, appointments, reservations, menus, forms, maps, links, files, buttons, graphs, charts, and much more. Here goes 2 more features; First, Squarespace also allows one to duplicate pages and contents for testing purposes. Second, it allows retrieval of webpages within 30 days. What else you can ask for!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves a website’s ranking in search results by giving it prominence. Advanced built-in SEO tools on Squarespace website design make the website appear in the top results. Squarespace expert’s team has been working for more than a decade to crack the code and improve tagging and stuff, so no need of extra plugins.

All Squarespace domains include free of cost SSL certificates. This provides a huge benefit to the user as the websites without SSL security have to face penalties in some search engine results.  

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is yet another feature on Squarespace website. It creates lightweight versions of web pages to help them load faster on a mobile device. AMP also works with Google to prioritize smooth results. As a result, all of these tactics ensure the best possible SEO for your website.


Modern blogging tools that help to categorize, schedule and publish the blog posts according to the user requirement is an interesting feature offered by Squarespace website design. It allows the organization of blogs in the form of blog pages as well as individual blog posts. Customizable layouts also enable the sharing of pictures, audios and videos. 

Another unique feature provided by Squarespace is podcast support. Squarespace offers complete podcasting support, with audio block and blog post options. 

Sounds incredible, right? That’s not it. Squarespace has much more to offer.

You can also save excerpts and source URLs with each blog post. This helps to increase the speed of webpage and heavy data loads quickly. 


Ready to make a statement by displaying your products and services on a Squarespace website design? You are going to love the incredible features offered by Squarespace that help you to up-sale. It continuously tracks the performance metrics and based on them draws a summarized overview. Some of the metrics are revenue, units sold, orders, visits, conversion rate, average order volume, and revenue per visit.

Product merchandising helps you easily sort, organize and manage the products with handy tools, tags and categories. Product subcategories is yet another attention-grabbing feature offered by Squarespace. Organize the products into subcategories, have control over your store’s navigation and making it easy for customers to find your products. Therefore, your site SEO is improved by automatically generating category pages that are indexed by search engines.


Analytics features help you learn about the website traffic pattern and visitor’s interaction with the site content and products. Activity log helps you see how visitors are navigating through your site. Moreover, view your traffic, visitor geography, and sales to check how your visits, unique visitors, and page views trend over time. 

Acquisition Analytics & engagement analytics are superb features offered in Squarespace website designing. Form & button conversions, popular content, site search keywords, and RSS subscribers – all of this can be used to judge user-engagement with the website. 

Squarespace analytics are available for android as well as IOS applications. Starting from the page views and unique visitors to top traffic sources and trend charts, you can always keep an eye on your website traffic trends. 


There is still a long list of incredible services offered by Squarespace. 

It provides free logo maker, video studio, transfer-a-domain feature, cell phone apps, marketing and sales extensions, social sites connection, Squarespace scheduling, 24/7 help and support just to name a few.  

 Woww! Sounds nice. Right? Then get your hands on this powerful and professional website builder and upscale your business within no time. 

You can start your free trial of 14-days now to try and get used to the platform. Subscription can be purchased later if you find the Squarespace aligned with your business requirements. Good luck!

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