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Why my business is not showing in google maps

A Google Business Profile, previously referred to as Google My Business, serves as a valuable tool to enhance your company’s local visibility. This tool is cost-free and showcases your business profile across Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Maps, significantly increasing your business’s exposure to potential customers.

Discoverability on Google is crucial for potential customers to find your business. If individuals search for a business like yours and you don’t appear in Google’s prominent “3-Pack,” your likelihood of being chosen diminishes. The Google Local 3-Pack exhibits three Google My Business listings among all the entries on Google Maps. Therefore, if your business is absent from Google Maps, it won’t be featured in the Google Local 3-Pack. These elements are interconnected, underscoring the importance of being listed on Google Maps for optimal visibility.

In such a scenario, a natural question to pose is, “Why my business is not showing in google maps?” Numerous factors could contribute to your business’s absence from Google Maps, and we’ll delve into eight potential reasons below.

Why is my business not showing on Google Maps?

There could be various explanations for why your Google Business Profile isn’t appearing on Google Maps. One common problem is that you haven’t verified your profile yet. You can resolve this issue by verifying your business through either phone or mail after claiming and completing the verification process, which will aid in making it visible on Google Maps.

10 Reasons Why my business is not showing in google maps

Similar to regular Google search results, various algorithms collaborate to shape the appearance of businesses on Google Maps. The configuration of your business profile in Google plays a crucial role, and several factors might contribute to its absence on the map.

Consider these ten potential reasons why your business isn’t visible on Google Maps. By addressing these issues, you can learn how to optimize your presence and ensure your business appears on the map for maximum visibility.

01. Your Business Has a New Address

Ensure that you update your Google My Business account with your new business location immediately. This simple step will guarantee the correct positioning of your listing on Google Maps. During address updates, email, snail mail or phone verification is necessary to satisfy Google’s requirements. The slowest option involves receiving a postcard through physical mail with an accompanying code for updating purposes – choose this method if preferable. However, both other options are much faster and operate in similar ways should time efficiency be important during confirmation processes.

02. It’s too far away from where you’re searching for it

Ensure that your search query hasn’t excluded your business based on distance. Google Maps is designed to prioritize nearby results, so if you’re searching for your business from a significant distance. It might not appear in the results. For example, if you operate a Web Designer service agency and use “Web Designer” as your search term, and there are multiple closer Web Designer service agency to your current location, your business may not be listed in the results.

03. Your Google Business Profile isn’t complete

The level of accuracy in Google’s listing for your company is directly proportional to the amount of information it possesses about your business. An incomplete Google Business Profile may prevent adequate matching between user search intent and your business due to insufficient data available.

You might hesitate to include your business address, but omitting it could hinder Google’s ability to feature your enterprise effectively. There is an alternative if you prefer not to share your location publicly: add it discreetly in the profile settings.

Make sure to provide Google with as much information about your business, as possible if it isn’t appearing in the top three on Google Maps. The more details that they have, the better understanding they will have of what you offer and therefore visibility for users looking for your products or services.

04. Your Listing is Missing Category Tabs Or Wrong Category

“Why my business is not showing in Google Maps” is a common query, and one crucial aspect to consider is the use of category tags by Google to enhance your business’s visibility on the platform. These category tags serve as labels indicating the nature of your business. Selecting a primary category provides an overview of your business scope, while additional specific tags can highlight particular services.

However, without these tags, your listing might remain unnoticed. It’s essential to ensure that you’ve chosen relevant categories. If the selected categories are inappropriate, your business may not appear on Google My Business. The primary category should closely align with your business, and any secondary category chosen should be relevant, avoiding the addition of categories solely for the sake of having two, as this can have negative implications in the long run.

05. You need more Google reviews

Due to some logical reasons, Google is highly supportive of utilizing reviews as a means of influencing the ranking of businesses.

Social proof is often deemed most persuasive through reviews. To illustrate, when several individuals rave about a specific web designer’s exceptional service, potential clients can be assured they will receive the same positive experience while even Google takes notice of this popular opinion.

Just like any other company, Google aims to retain its customers by catering to their search needs and offering results that align with their intent.

Hence, it is logical for entrepreneurs to collect numerous reviews of their enterprise in order to demonstrate Google that they deliver what customers are seeking.

Encouraging your customers to leave reviews for you is an effective way of boosting visibility on Google Maps. Nonetheless, it may take a while before you accumulate the necessary number of reviews – especially if there are already established businesses in your area similar to yours.

06. You Share an Office Space

Sharing an office space with another business may present challenges on Google Maps as the platform prefers associating a unique address with each business. Typically, resolving this involves adding a suite number to your address.

Ensuring that you and the other businesses in the same building have distinct suite numbers should help Google recognize the differentiation. However, if you lack a suite number, consider reaching out to the Google Helpdesk for guidance on the appropriate steps to take.

 07. It’s not verified on Google Maps

The three primary ranking factors in Google Maps are relevance, distance and prominence. However, if rankings do not present an issue, what then?

Could it be possible that your business is not showing up on Google Maps? If so, verification may be the root cause. Without proper verification, there’s a good chance your business won’t appear in any searches conducted via Google Maps.

In order to confirm it, you should either assert your existing Google My Business profile or produce one. Afterward, Google will require evidence of your business ownership usually through a phone call or mail verification process. Once the confirmation is verified by Google that the location matches with what was stated; then only can users find you on searches conducted via Google Maps.

08. Incorrect Business Information

Incorrect business information on Google Business can have significant consequences for your online presence. It may mislead potential customers, leading to a loss of trust and credibility. Inaccurate details such as the wrong address, phone number, or business hours can result in frustrated customers and negative reviews.

To rectify this issue, promptly update your Google Business profile with the correct information. Log in to your Google My Business account, navigate to the “Info” section, and edit any inaccuracies. Ensure that your business name, address, phone number, website, and operating hours are up-to-date. This not only helps in providing accurate information to customers but also improves your business’s chances of appearing in local searches.

Regularly monitor and manage your Google Business profile to prevent future inaccuracies. Customers often rely on the information provided on Google to make decisions, so maintaining accuracy is essential for a positive online reputation. By keeping your business details current, you contribute to a reliable and trustworthy online presence, enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

09. You have a service area business

Instead of customers traveling to the business, service area businesses offer visits or deliveries directly to their clients. These types of businesses can include professionals like plumbers, electricians and pest control companies.

Service area businesses lack an address on their profile, which is considered as a ranking factor and puts them at a disadvantage in comparison to brick-and-mortar businesses. Despite this setback, service area enterprises can still secure one of the top three positions.

10. Know Your Distance

If you’re wondering, “Why my business is not showing in Google Maps,” it could be due to your business’s physical address falling outside the local market area defined by Google. In such cases, your company may not appear in Google Maps when people search within that specific region. The proximity between your business and the user’s geographic location plays a crucial role, with greater distance reducing the likelihood of your business showing up on Google Maps. Ensure your business address aligns with the local market criteria to optimize visibility on Google Maps for relevant searches in your area.

Let Me help you figure out how to appear on Google Maps

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