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Top 6 Cheap WordPress Hosting Options for 2024

When initiating a WordPress website, selecting an affordable yet reliable web hosting service is crucial. Individuals on a budget may encounter challenges in finding a WordPress hosting service that offers both affordability and dependable performance.

While cost-effectiveness is important, a quality hosting service should also deliver reliable performance and top-tier features. In response to this challenge, we’ve evaluated and ranked seven inexpensive WordPress hosting services, considering various criteria such as pricing, features, ratings, and expert scores.

Cheap WordPress hosting 2024

When selecting WordPress hosting for either a new or existing WordPress site, it’s crucial to focus on several key factors:

  1. Latest PHP Version: Opt for hosting services that support PHP 7.0x or higher, as it provides significant advantages over its predecessors and enhances the speed of your WordPress functions.
  2. SSL Certificate: Google considers SSL certificates a ranking factor. The listed WordPress hosting companies below offer easy-to-integrate and free SSL certificates. Some hosting services charge for SSL certificates, but the ones mentioned here provide this essential security feature without additional costs.
  3. Customer Support: Reliable customer support is imperative, especially during critical moments like website downtime. Look for hosting services that offer excellent customer support from day one to address any issues promptly.
  4. Server Location: The loading time of your WordPress website directly influences search engine rankings. Host your website close to your target audience to optimize loading times. For instance, if your audience is in the USA, choose a server located in the USA. Similarly, if your audience is in India, opt for hosting with a data center in India.
  5. Additional Features: Consider features such as hosting space, bandwidth, and an easy-to-use control panel. These aspects complement the hosting service and contribute to an enhanced overall experience.

Here is my list 6 best cheap WordPress hosting services

  1. Bluehost – Get started with budget-friendly WordPress hosting starting at just $2.95 per month.
  2. Hostinger – Top Affordable WordPress Hosting Starting at $1.99/month
  3. DreamHost – Dependable and Budget-Friendly WordPress Hosting Starting at $2.59/month
  4. SiteGround – Swift and Economical WordPress Hosting Starting at $2.99/month
  5. HostPapa – User-Friendly Hosting for Beginners Starting at $2.36/month
  6. HostGator – Easy-to-Use WordPress Hosting Starting at $2.52/month

Affordable & Cheap WordPress Hosting in 2024 – In-Depth Compilation

I thoroughly assessed multiple WordPress hosting providers to identify those offering the most economical services without compromising on the quality of the user experience. Continue reading to discover the ideal fit for your needs.

01. Bluehost

Bluehost stands out as the top-recommended and most affordable WordPress hosting option available. With various hosting packages, their shared hosting plan (Prime) is a standout, providing 50GB space, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain for just $2.95/month through this discounted link.

Ideal for hosting a single WordPress site, the basic plan is perfect. If you plan to host multiple WordPress websites, consider the plus package.

Bluehost’s offering distinguishes it as the ideal choice among budget-friendly WordPress hosting providers. They provide a free SSL certificate, a crucial factor for search engine ranking. Additionally, their effective inbuilt caching mechanism ensures faster loading times for your WordPress blog.

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02. Hostinger

Hostinger takes the lead as the most budget-friendly WordPress hosting provider in this lineup, offering WordPress-labeled plans starting from $1.99/month. Renowned for its swift performance, user-friendly interface, and top-notch support, Hostinger caters to both beginners and experts alike.

WordPress-focused features: Hostinger provides several WordPress-centric features, such as 1-click WordPress installation, a WP starter wizard for rapid setup, and WordPress acceleration featuring LiteSpeed cache for enhanced site performance.

Interface: Hostinger boasts hPanel, a beginner-friendly control panel that is easy to navigate, facilitating one-click WordPress installations.

Resources: All WordPress plans include free SSL certificates, email accounts, and managed WordPress. Additionally, each plan (excluding Single WordPress) offers a free domain and unlimited bandwidth. Performance-wise, Hostinger plans feature the LiteSpeed web server, caching, and the latest PHP versions.

Performance: In our tests, Hostinger demonstrated outstanding performance with zero outages. The response time averaged at an impressive 511ms. Hostinger provides a variety of data center locations to choose from, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, France, India, Singapore, and Brazil.

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03. DreamHost

Dreamhost holds a special place in my esteem as it was the hosting company I initially used to launch ShoutMeLoud back in 2008. What sets Dreamhost apart is its non-aggressive marketing approach, focusing more on quality service.

This hosting provider comes recommended by the official WordPress repository, making it an ideal choice for launching your initial WordPress website. Dreamhost’s shared plan proves to be a convenient solution, especially for non-tech users, and it even offers free WordPress website migration.

You can avail the Dreamhost plan at $2.59 per month when opting for a 3-year payment commitment.

DreamHost stands out as an excellent WordPress hosting service, featuring attractive starting prices and a wealth of useful WordPress-oriented features and plugins. The combination of quality service and reasonable pricing makes it a standout choice.

For additional insights, you can delve into DreamHost website

04. SiteGround

As a top-tier WordPress hosting provider, SiteGround is renowned for its performance-centric approach, delivering exceptional value by seamlessly blending cost-effective plans with speed optimization tools. With plans starting at $2.99/mo, SiteGround is an ideal choice for those seeking a managed WordPress host with scalability.

WordPress-oriented features: SiteGround enhances user experience with the inclusion of handy WordPress Starter and Migrator plugins, simplifying site setup and migration processes.

Interface: The provider offers the Site Tools native panel, designed with beginners in mind, boasting an extensive feature set from domain registration to security. It’s also customizable to suit individual needs.

Resources: All SiteGround WordPress hosting plans include daily backups, SSL certificates, integrated caching, and email accounts.

Performance: SiteGround excels in speed and performance, maintaining an impressive 99.99% uptime during our 2-month testing period on a fully developed WordPress site. The measured average response time stood at 217ms. Additionally, SiteGround has strategically located data centers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Singapore.

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05. HostPapa

HostPapa offers budget-friendly shared hosting plans optimized for WordPress, starting at only $2.36/mo. Additionally, the platform provides optimized and managed WordPress plans for those seeking enhanced features.

WordPress-oriented features: HostPapa’s plans include staging, convenient 1-click WordPress installation, and complimentary WP site migration.

Interface: The host presents a straightforward native account management dashboard and a user-friendly cPanel. The cPanel is intuitive, making it suitable for beginners and allowing users to perform various tasks, from installing WordPress to creating backups and managing domain names or email accounts.

Resources: All WordPress plans at HostPapa include a free domain, SSL certificate, CDN, and automated WordPress installation. Opting for any plan, excluding the base one, even grants you a complimentary 30-minute WordPress training session.

Performance: In our 2-week testing period, HostPapa achieved a flawless 100% uptime, with no reported outages. However, the response time averaged at 1.19s, falling short of ideal expectations. The data centers are strategically located in the US, Netherlands, and Canada.

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06. HostGator

HostGator secures a spot among affordable WordPress hosts by offering excellent value for your money, starting at $2.52/mo. The hosting service ensures easy management and provides numerous valuable features.

WordPress-oriented features: HostGator’s WordPress plans include complimentary site migration, 1-click WP installation, access to hundreds of WordPress themes, and $500 worth of Google Ads credits.

Interface: HostGator presents a user-friendly blend of a customized interface and cPanel. The customer portal enables SSL, email, and database management, along with direct WordPress installation from the dashboard.

Resources: Every HostGator plan provides a free SSL, email, a domain for a year, and unlimited bandwidth.

Performance: Over our 2-month testing period, HostGator maintained an uptime of >99.99%. The average response time was 525ms, demonstrating a reliable performance. The data centers are situated in the US exclusively.

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The best WordPress hosting services don’t have to cost a fortune. Various providers offer cheap yet still high-quality WordPress hosting. They provide you with loads of WordPress-centered features, guarantee great performance, and ensure easy management.

So if you’re not willing to compromise quality, yet want to remain on a budget, our top recommendation would be Hostinger. Its prices start from $1.99/mo, and you get a 99.99% uptime guarantee, phenomenal support, ease of use, and many WordPress enhancing features.

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